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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

... needs must when all else fails

Luck Is No Lady (Fallen Ladies #1) by Amy Sandas

Emma Chadwick dealt with most things calmly. So when she is kissed by a stranger at a ball in a small side room she's taken refuge in, she takes that in her stride too--well almost! Emma has taken all of the family assets to give her sisters a chance at a season and an opportunity to enter into a good marriage. Unfortunately, the venture is more expensive than she thought and then there's the added worry of her father's mysterious gambling debts having caught up with them. Emma has to take a job. When she applies for a position as a bookkeeper, she little realizes that she is walking into one of London's most notorious gambling establishments and that the owner is one Roderick Bentley, the stranger she kissed. Emma's mathematical skills ensures her the job, her attraction for the club's owner just might secure her heart. But then there's the problem of being pursued by the man who is owed money, the necessity to keep Emma's secret job from the scandalous eyes of the ton, and to keep her attraction for Roderick under control. A somewhat familiar plot but well executed. 

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