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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Murder and mystery!

The Scandalous Widow (Gothic Brides #3)   
by Erica Monroe      


What more can you want in a novel? A beautiful widow, 
Lady Jemma Forster, the Countess of Wolverston. A 'rogue runner', Bow Street Runner Gabriel Sinclair, the love Jemma forsook for the sake of her family. Now Jemma needs Gabriel's help. Her husband, Gabriel's best friend was murdered. Anguish exists on both sides and as the plot plays out that emerges. All the time we wonder, can the past be healed?
When their search takes them to Jacob's Island, "If futility could be defined by a place, then it was here, in this strange maze of decrepit bridges and slopping muck, “ one can't help but be drawn irrevocably into the conditions of this place and time, as Jemma and Gabriel struggle to find answers on many different levels.
This tightly written, intricately woven novel is another jewel in Munroe's Gothic Bride series.

A NetGalley ARC


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