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Monday, October 5, 2015

...assassins, retribution and romance!

I Spy a Duke (Covert Heiresses #1) by Erica Monroe  

Heart wrenching from the opening scenes. My sympathies went out to James Spencer as he contemplated his failures with regard to his sister's safety. His pain, his feelings of awful responsibility for her death are palpable. Louise's last words 'protect them' have burnt themselves into his heart. But will they become a hindrance if his memories lead him to hesitate?
A covert agent with Clocktower, a highly secret organization within the Alien Office , James Spencer, the Duke of Abermont has to marry in order to maintain his cover. Not just a covert agent but the Spymaster, the Mastermind behind the organization--The Falcon. This is the true family business and has been for generations.
Vivian Loren is searching for answers to her brother's death. Her placement in the Dukes household as governess is not by accident. Unwittingly she has become a pawn in the hands of Sauveterre, Louise's torturer and a deadly agent provocateur and assassin for Napoleon.
As James unravels Vivian's conundrum he decides to marry her, thus keeping her safe and fulfilling the requirements of marriage for himself. A marriage of convenience! Hmm!
There is of course the matter of attraction that flares between James and Louise, but is that enough to overcome the odds or will it be more of a hindrance?
I was kept enthralled from beginning to end! A series with a difference! This has all the ingredients it takes! Intrigue, romance, drama and danger! Definitely a winner for Monroe, and I can hardly wait for the stories to pour forth centred around the rest of the Clocktower coterie.

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