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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Raw and gripping mystery in the Canadian far north.

Strange things done by Elle Wild

Journalist Jo Silver has a history--of doubt and death. Fleeing a story she'd been following in Vancouver that went horribly wrong, Jo heads north to the Yukon and Dawson's Creek--a town where mining and history walk hand in hand.
Only, Jo finds herself once more embroiled in a series of murders that shake her to the core. What to do? Report on it or not? The tourist season is closing down and then only the Dawsonites remain. Once that happens there's no way in or out. Why aren't the Mounties (RCMP) letting the residents know that there's a killer in their midst. Jo's past crowds her out and paralysis her actions. Bowed down by self doubt about the killings and about her own behaviour Jo wonders who to confide in. There's Sally her housemate, dancer at the local bar, Christopher Bryne the handsome woodsman, and RCMP Sergeant Johnnie Cariboo the local law and order. If that's not enough Jo seems to be continually stumbling over the bodies and into related situations. None of this is helped by not being able to remember a single thing after leaving the bar with Bryne when Jo first arrives and a suicide victim is found.
I really enjoyed this mystery. It unravels and reveals at a slapping pace, opening up vistas of isolated communities, exposes people's behaviours, superstitions and fears, all the while reflecting the dark days of winter coming!

A NetGalley ARC


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