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Monday, February 24, 2014

High 5 for Paradox #2 and kickass Devi!

Honor's Knight (Paradox series #2) by Rachel Bach 

Once again Rachel Bach doesn't disappoint!
Honor's Knight is a space opera with heart and Devi is the source of that heart.
Devi has lost her memory, but is still seeing glowing bugs that no-one else sees, the tips of her fingers occasionally appear to be stained black, she is pursued by the xith'cal and then the lelgis (or phantoms as Devi calls them).
Who is Brian Caldswell really, what is the mystery of the daughters (Ren) and why are there gaps in Devi's memory?                      
Who is the cook and why is Devi gut wrenchingly nauseous every time she looks at him?
Not only is Devi is a woman with heart, but that heart leads with fortitude and compassion and garnishes her own brand of glory. Her attachment to her Verdemont suit of armour is a quirky touch, yet at totally understandable. After all this is her survival apparatus. Of course she names her weapons.
As her whole world implodes, the one thing she trusts in (as a Paradoxian) is the Sainted King Stephen, Holy Ruler of Paradox. Oh my!
Devi is as Rupert says the 'craziest, bravest, loveliest' thing he'd ever seen.
A tight writing style, inventive mind, marvellous aliens and tough yet sympathetic situations propels The Paradox series, Bach's gift to us readers, into the upper echelons of space faring adventures.

A NetGalley ARC

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