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Monday, November 20, 2017

A princely treasure hunt!

Mr. Campion's Abdication (An Albert Campion mystery)  
by Mike Ripley


This was unusually difficult to get into. I really wanted to connect more fully with the story as the whole events around Edward's abdication, Mrs Simpson and there Nazi leanings has always fascinated me. The 'what ifs' are too horrendous to contemplate. 
The thing is that this was my first meet up with Albert Campion and so I do not have an understanding of who he is. He worked in mysterious ways--not fully visible to the naked eye, mine that is!
Thirty plus years later Campion is assisting with a film/documentary by an Italian company about the Prince and Mrs Simpson during their time at Heronhoe Hall and of a gift supposedly sent to show the Prince's appreciation to the Hall's owners, a gift now dubbed the Abdication Treasure. Campion's son and daughter-in-law appear as actors.
Buckingham Palace wants to put a stop to rumors of the treasure. A secretive background to a secretive time in history begets a secretive novel that almost pass me by.
I did like the cover, quite evocative.

A NetGalley ARC


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