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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

She was 'a temptation, a challenge, and utterly off-limits.'


'It is a truth universally acknowledged that a daughter of a duke is raised to believe she can do as she dashed well pleases, which may lead her into all manner of difficulty.' (from To Lure a Proper Lady).
These are words from Lady Elizabeth's pen, and so pertinent to the Duke of Sherrington's second daughter, Lady Caroline Wilde. Caroline refuses to ride side saddle, instead rides astride in a pair of men's breeches. Startling indeed!
Indeed Adrian Crosby's introduction to Caro is on a rainswept day when he mistakes her for a youth attempting to help another youngster who's fallen from a horse.
And yet Caro knows she can't do what she dash well pleases, even though she will give it her best shot. There is only so far she can go to breach the men's only circle of the hunt and she dearly wants to be allowed to ride with the illusive Sir Bellingham who conducts one of the best-known hunts in England. This is Caroline's all important goal--to be allowed to join the hunt.
I am so enjoying these Duke Defying Daughters! I love this family. First we had Elizabeth's story, now we have Caroline's. Caroline, the horse mad hellion whose desires are centred around being able to ride with the hunt something women can't do.
Add to that the fact that the wicked Pendleton is still in the picture, still coveting Caro's horse Bodeccia, bodes no good for Caroline. Introducing into the mix the new land agent for the Duke's estate in Suffolk, Sherrington Manor--a land agent determined to try to get the property back on its feet, even if Caroline's horse training land should revert to being used for crops. Caroline has other plans. She didn't count on the electric attraction between the two.
(After reading this I reread Elizabeth and Dysart's story, To Lure a Proper Ladythe first in the series and enjoyed it just as much the second time around.)
To Tame a Wild Lady is a wonderful roller coaster ride of thwarted desires, mysterious happenings and reluctant duties.

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