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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Exciting and delightfully downplayed!

Death at Victoria Dock (Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries #4) by Kerry Greenwood

I have to say I love Phryne Fisher. I love her spirit of independence and savoie faire, a sleek fashionable woman, whose exterior hides a determined and compsionate heart. And
The epitome of the cool flapper detective and thoroughly modern woman fresh from the horrors of the European war theatre where she drove ambulances. Now she is here in Melbourne flouting convention at every turn, during the time between the wars when lives were recovering from unspoken terrors and full of hope. And her two side kicks, archetypal ex-diggers Cec and Bert are fabulously under-spoken, laconic characters.
Knowing the areas of Melbourne the story is set against, I enjoy figuratively walking down the streets that Phryne treads in her pursuits of information.
In this case, a late night encounter with an errant shot that smashes into her window screen and a dead body draws Phryne knee deep in Latvian  anarchists and revolutionaries, whilst pursuing a second case of a missing school girl.
In this story her maid Dot meet Constable Hugh Phillips for the first time and Phryne forms an attachment (short term) with a marvellously soulful anarchist.
When Dot is kidnapped, Phryne does not take kindly to such underhanded play. The chase is on!

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