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Thursday, September 15, 2016

A culinary journey!

Obviously Naomi Pomeroy has led a life dedicated to food and cooking.
A cook's cook if you will.
This is not just a simple cookbook, it's an explanation of the balance of ingredients that bring forth the best in each other. In this way it's fantastic. This was the part I enjoyed the most.
Her narrative of her journey into all things culinary is amazing. Her story is an inspiration. The idea of meal 'happenings' where the first eight to answer are invited, where people jostle for a coveted entree into the dinner prepared for that night is crazy wonderful. It's like crowd sourcing and flash happenings all rolled into one. Exciting times!
I found the explanations of recipes throughout the book balanced and well presented. I will also admit to the fact that I do not devote the time to dishes that Pomeroy does and that's where I might hesitate. There are however recipes that I found exciting and lavish in their simplicity.
For those who are through and through foodies this is a book to enjoy and savour.
For those like me who mostly exist on the quick grilled something and salad, this is a book to add to the shelves and dabble in from time to time as the moment takes.

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