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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

...secret lives revealed!

Lady Esme Hawkins seems to draw mischance and scandal towards herself without trying.
So it's now up to her to make sure she is beyond reproach. A respectable marriage should help that. And maybe it will cover her darkest secret--a writer of steamy romances.
That was all before she met Highland Knight, Camden McLeod in somewhat scandalous circumstances and discovered just what responses a kiss could evoke. It would appear that Esme's fears link her sensuality to her 'gypsy' heritage. Although I can see why the Esme of that time might react like this, such an inclusion in a novel written today leads into a downward labelling cultural spiral. A difficult writer's choice. Esme is governed by her own and her society's perceptions.
Of course Cam is the damned hero, never having known love who falls for the innocent, hidden siren, and then doesn't really know how to express that love.
So the story of another Highland Knight (those who serve the crown in secret) is laid to rest.
The continuance of the stories of this disparate band of brothers-in-action and their women is an easy read with no great challenges. 

A NetGalley ARC


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