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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

a fun regency romp--with a twist!

I do like Lady Grace Carpenter and Mattheus, Earl of Worthington. The shoe is definitely on the other foot here. It is Lady Grace who seduces the handsome Worthington, Matt to his siblings and friends. Of course, cuspid's arrow ever sharp, just makes Mt Vesuvius' eruption look tame in comparison to the instantaneous fire that ignites between these two.
But, for Grace this was a one night of opportunity never to be repeated. For Mattheus it was a waking call to true love.
Grace has guardianship of her siblings, a hard fought battle, that she doesn't wish to give up any rights to. If she marries that guardianship is in danger. A risk she refuses to take.
As Matt pursues his mystery woman and Grace deftly eludes him, the hide and seek that ensues is accompanied by a veritable tribe of siblings of all ages and two Great Danes.
There's some hilarious happenings, especially with the siblings, some threatening situations, heaps of romantic entanglements that happen as Grace and Matt collide, all the while trying to stave of gossip within the ton.
Lots of fun.

A NetGalley ARC


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