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Friday, July 31, 2015

Alchemy and abduction

Ether & Elephants (The Gaslight Chronicles #8) by Cindy Spencer Pape 

Nell and Tom; sweethearts for ever! One careless hasty step and Tom finds himself married to someone else. Eleanor Hadrian has loved Tom since before she can remember. Now she finds her best friend and true love has betrayed her trust. Nell throws her energies and shattered heart into a teaching career. When her favourite student, a musically gifted blind child is kidnapped its time to call in her very peculiar a family, including Sir Thomas Devere.
At the same time other children are going missing. The spectre of the alchemist is raised once again. Nell and Tom must join forces to track down Charlie who may be more important to Tom than he could guess. Along the way they gather up Nell's newly minted fiancé and mathematics teacher, Roger.
This time the intrigue stretches to India. Racing to reach those shores before those they are chasing, Nell and Tom catch an airship and meet some interesting folk along the way. 
Nell is faced with the possibility of finding her biological father, her anxiety over the fate of Charlie and her heart's desire, whatever that might be. Tom must resign himself to being the supportive friend and brother that he has always been. Lover and husband is a dream to be  banished. He made his bed, now he must lie in it.
Another fabulous read about the denizens of the Gaslight Chronicles.

A NetGalley ARC


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