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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

...love soars!

The Highland Henchman (Highland Force #2) by Amy Jarecki 

Ah, Bran! I remember him when he was just a lad, the cabin boy who was with Laird Calum MacLeod when he captured the English ship with Lady Anne on board.
Lady Anne made a sling for his injured arm. Then Bran had 'stood on gawky legs in a moth-eaten kilt, his face caked with dirt and sea-salt.' With Lady Anne he learnt to read, trained as a falconer with the eaglet Swan, and has become an important part of Calum's fighting forces.
It's now 1658 and this is Bran's story. A story that includes Enya Ross, the youngest daughter of Sir Ross, a lowlander Baron. Some of the Highland clans have agreed to join forces with Ross. Together they plan to free Mary, Queen of Scots and help her regain her rightful place. Ross, an atrocious man would sacrifice his daughter Enya on the altar of ambition and eventually will incarcerate her in a nunnery on Iona. A wicked place that represents cold religious judgement and vindication at its worst.
Bran is a man grown, a strapping man, a man who will protect, a man deserving of his knighthood, a perfect, loyal highland henchman!
Bran carries on his shoulder a gorgeous golden eagle, Griffon. He carries the office of henchman and knight to Calum proudly and his responsibilities willingly. He also carries a fierce and true love for Enya. 
Their story of love, is of one born free and wild, honed in battle, purged and tested by cruelty and redeemed by the strength and depth of feeling for each other. A love sworn true.

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  1. Hi Negar! So happy to see you received the NetGalley ARC :-) Thank you for your lovely review! Best ~ Amy