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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Dawning by Judy Griffith Gill

I am a huge science fiction and fantasy fan, and, oh yes, let's not forget historical romances, so I looked forward to this read, a futuristic romance. 
Whilst the storyline is interesting in some ways, it is just too familiar for me to become enthusiastic about. It is typically post apocalyptic, in this case a post biohazard war dystopian event, where Talented persons (with psi abilities), changed by the bio chemical fallout are being pursued, routed out, culled or subverted by Normals.    
The Dawning
I must say that the reading felt like I was watching a rerun of a familiar television series.
The good guys have headed for the hills where they have caches of food and weaponry. They offer protection and training to the talented.
Given the huge current controversy over drones and their usage their inclusion is timely. 
And of course there is the twisted minded presence, a talented who has gone to the Dark side (that is the State Authority for Purity and Safety, the Government law enforcement seek and destroy agency ) who is relentlessly searching for the main stars.
Andrew and Serena, are our star crossed lovers, confused by each other and their past, on the run, attracted to each other...and well you can guess the rest.
As a love story it sort of works, as a science fiction story it would have been better published in the 1980's.
That said, the writing is tight, the action is fast paced. There's plenty to get your teeth into. Grace is a curious mystery. Discovering her secret is fascinating.
Science fiction/fantasy, thriller and love story. Three great combinations but somehow it didn't pull me in.
Reading tastes are such a personal thing, like how you take your coffee. 
This is not one of my top coffee likes but it might be for you.

A NetGalley ARC and Retro Reads - Romance

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