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Monday, September 30, 2013

Treecats, protection and status--an important addition to the Harrington milieu.

Treecat Wars, Honorverse: Stephanie Harrington series #3 by David Weber &  Jane M. Lindskold

Third in the series about Stephanie Harrington (Death Fang's Bane--first human to be adopted by treecats) and Lionheart,  (treecat Climbs Quickly of the Bright Water Clan) Continuing the story of the struggles, prejudices, greed and political intrigue surrounding the treecats becoming part of the wider universe.
Tree cats on Sphinx are still being looked at to determine whether or not they should be  declared sentinent.  The battles continues with the major foe being unscrupulous land dealers and powerful lobbyists desirous of making good on their land portfolios at the expense of this vunerable group of beings.
The battle takes Stephanie off planet to Manticore and back, members of the group, wanting to disrupt the process of treecat status, having pulled strings to have her removed from Sphinx.
Attention to the treecats on Sphinx lands in the laps of Stephanie's friend Jessica and boyfriend Anders.
The aftermath of the fires in Fire Season is explored from the human and the treecat perspective.
Unwillingness to share land, a cold blooded killing, starvation and fear push the treecat clans to the brink of war. A Person (treecat) on the edge of insanity had, 'in defiance of custom, tradition and common sense...killed another.' This would have far reaching consequences for treecats and humans.
This third novel in the series ends with the presence of those who want to halt the process of  treecats being declared sentinent as yet undetected, and therefore to all intents purposes, at large to continue their nefarious campaign.
A must for fans who wish too know all there is to know about the Harrington family antecedents and treecats in particular.

A NetGalley ARC                    

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