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All art is unstable. It's meaning is not necessarily that implied by the author, There is no authorative active voice. There are only multiple readings. David Bowie, 1995

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

...arson and old lace, or rather, explosive steampunk deeds!

The Friday Society by Adrienne Kress

Three young women, all assistants for men of modernity in the Victorian era. All different--the yin to each other's yan.
My interest was certainly piqued from opening scene with Cora Bell who likes explosions!

Then fetching her boss Lord White from an opium den was an interesting Sherlock Holmes type touch. Nellie is an assistant to an  illusionist. Michiko ia a samurai trained assistant to a overbearing weapons expert, trying to steer the warrior's path.
A footman forces his attentions on Nellie, Cora comes to her assistance and then enroute via a stem engine they come across an unconscious Michikol, and a decapitated body.
And this is only the opening scenes. The encore is so much more in this steampunk, action  adventure. Enjoyable!

A NetGalley ARC

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