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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

'There is a reaper. Death's his name.'

Once again the executioner’s daughter is embroiled in mayhem and mystery.
This time Magdalena's father Jakob Kuisl, the Hangman of Schongau, has been lured to far off Regensburg where he is falsely accused of murdering his sister and her husband.
Meanwhile, Magdalena and Simon having fled Schongau and become embroiled in the same plot.
Someone wants the executioner Kuisl dead, and more, revenge!
At the same time prostitutes are disappearing from the streets of Regensburg. Not enough to rouse the interest of the authorities, but enough to arouse the reader's.
Dastardly plots and political mayhem color the very air of Regensburg confusing the senses Plots and sub plots abound. All lead to a very dangerous, cunning and nameless enemy of the Hangman of Schongau, and his family. The only clue, ‘Weidenfeld, 1637!'
Who is that? Kuisl worries at it, as through a glass darkly.
Who is friend? Who is foe? The possibilities extend!
We are introduced to the brotherhood of 'cousins' of executioners with the inclusion of the Hangman of Regensburg, Philipp Teuber and his family.
And in the afterward, Traveler's Guide to Regensburg, Potzsch takes us on a guided tour of Regensburg, with the novel metaphorically tucked under our arm. Certainly for me, if I ever visit Regensburg, Potzsch's travel guide will be a must do literary expedition, and a fascinating way of exploring the area--though the creative eyes of the author and the deeds of his characters.
Another superb story from Oliver Potzsch not lost in translation by Lee Chadeayne.
This whole series is truly a gem from one novel to the next...and there's more to come!

A NetGalley ARC

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