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Friday, June 8, 2018

Aliens and dark imaginings!

The Hyperspace Trap by Christopher G. Nuttall

OK! I do not want to see this book as a visual production--just too scarey in parts for me.
This new series is set in the same universe as the Angel in the Whirlwind series, after the Commonwealth has won the war against the Theocracy.
Basically we have your poor little, spoilt, rich girl (Angela) traveling on the equivalent of the Titanic's maiden voyage (the interstellar liner, The Supreme) along with her dysfunctional owner parents, her strange little sister (Nancy), her rather fierce  governess, the rich and famous who can afford this voyage, and a host of sycophants, when the ship is forced by pirates into a hyperdrive vortex, that comes complete with a veritable graveyard of hundreds of dead alien spacecraft.
It seems a thing or somethings want to drain the energy and life force of people and ship.
Of course the alien whatever's take over human bodies in a brain/emotion overcoming vampire type move and suddenly there's willing acolytes ready to do the supreme type beings will.
How to get  out of the situation is the question? The commander of The Supreme, an ex naval commander, has his hands full as he and his officers struggle to find a way out, even as his crew is tainted by the alien madness.
Things become interesting with Nancy as she confronts the consequences of her indolent lifestyle until now, and her sister Angela, born in hyperspace, who seems to be some sort of reluctant channel to the alien mindset. The inclusion of two ordinary crew members adds to the human face and interclass dynamics of the story.

A NetGalley ARC
(I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review)


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