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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hero downgraded!

Into the Fire (Vatta's Peace #2) 
by Elizabeth Moon


Things are not right! Having returned to Slotter Key a hero, Kyla Vatta has survivors from Miksland turning up as escapees on her doorstep, and Ky's suddenly trapped in her house having been declared a non citizen and wanted for questioning. The whereabouts of the other personnel who escaped from Milksland is unknown and alarmingly Aunt Grace is coming under legal and personal attack. Facts surrounding Grace's past are brought to light that threaten her freedom. Stella is forced to dig deep and finds herself more capable than she thought. 
At times I found events in Into the Fire somewhat disjointed. Stella's self pitying stance becomes dangerous for all. On the other hand she is being kept in the dark by Ky. Even though we have seen Stella come into her own as a highly talented woman, here we see her face unforeseen danger and grow from that testing. 
Ages old mysteries are brought to light and Ky finds the past rushing up to capture the present. Danger looms and the enemy is faceless. Whom to trust is moot as the very fabric of Slotter Key is threatened. Politics and legalities threaten Kyla and Rafe and the plans they'd been making are put on hold as survival becomes prime. These are times of surprises, shocks, and danger to the existence of Slotter Key.
Overall, another Elizabeth Moon gift from the Slotter Key menagerie.

A NetGalley ARC


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