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Monday, November 27, 2017

'You will always be my scoundrel prince'

The Scoundrel Who Loved Me   by Lauren Smith, Kristin Gabriel, Ella Quinn, Laura Landon. 

A scintillating meld of stories with handsome, daring heroes and their ladies who may not all be princesses but who have the hearts of strong regal women. 

His Wicked Embrace by Lauren Smith
A rake with a conscience and a stolen Persian princess. Rescued from a slave sale in a brothel by Mr. Lawrence Russell, the half-English princess Zehra Darzi takes shelter with Lawrence, a shelter that feels right.
A variation on the 'Taken' movie set in Regency London. A daring rescue, a damsel in distress and a dashing hero.

The Secret Scoundrel by Kristin Gabriel
A sudden meeting in a darkened garden has spinster Diana Harwood wondering if she's bereft of her senses. Accepting a package from an unknown man is unusual--even for her. Well he was taller than her, and that's a start. But really! A nicely timed romance with the added lure of mystery.

One Duke or Another by Ella Quinn
This explores the idea of young woman as property to be used as bargaining chips by uncaring fathers. Laia is to be married (as a fourth wife) to a duke old enough to be her father if not her grandfather in exchange for a property her father covets. Her brother has different ideas and somehow Laia finds herself entering society at Bath. Here she meets her brother's friend Guy Paulet and heir to her dark-hearted fiancé, the Duke of Bolton. Along the way subterfuge, scandal and a possible murder are uncovered. A pleasing addition to The Towers series.

A Scoundrel at Heart by Laura Landon
'A scoundrel prince'? I'm not sure but Thomas Chandler, Earl of Renfrew, is a lovely man trapped behind a badly scared face who can no longer bare to face the gasps of shock from the ton. Lady Cleora Wentworth is a beautiful young woman blinded in an accident. Cleora  comes to know who Thomas is and loves him. Thomas in turn loves Cleora to distraction, but their love is doomed. A love story with a difference, Beauty and the Beast with a twist. Thomas may not be a scoundrel in my book but he is a prince who needs to learn to take risks.

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