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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

House party games!

An amusing romance with all the right ingredients. Lord Robert Gresham is an acknowledged leader of the ton. Handsome, laconic and intrigued rather too much by the attractive Flora Jennings. 
The opening scenes of the Lord Robert acquiring a small, seemingly thoughtful dog is amusing. In fact Plato the dog is a magnificent foil and comic, all knowing, little sage--a delightful muse who becomes a center piece in the story.
Robert did not expect Flora to be a guest at the house party! After all as he had discloses to Plato earlier, he was 'not thinking about her!' And now here she is. He'd accepted an invitation to a house party to be out of her orbit.
As the novel progresses the Duke comes a long way from the man about town to the man mad about Flora. Flora is very different from the normal run of debutants, intelligent and articulate without too many clues about the rules governing society. Flora has no inclination to be taken for granted, but then neither does she want to be ignored. In fact the relationship between Robert and Flora becomes almost a quest to see who will blink first. Thank goodness for Plato!
A worthwhile regency romp with some very pleasing characters, including of course the regency Yoda dog, Plato!

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