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Monday, August 29, 2016

Another awesome Kelly treat!

Gillian Dryden, the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Cumberland is a feisty beguiling brat of a young woman living with her mother and step father in Italy. When bandits kill her beloved step father Gillian is hell bent on revenge and justice. She tracks down the bandits and ends their reign of terror. In doing so she makes powerful enemies. 
To her distress she is recalled from her life of freedom in Italy to London to make a suitable marriage. 
Head of the family Charles (Perfect) Valentine Pevensley, the Duke of Leverton, sophisticated and proper, who has charge of her entrée into society just doesn't stand a chance. 
Her wildness and sense of purpose, free from the trappings of a confined society, ensures that scandal is drawn to her, she is a lodestone, 'Trouble' is her middle name.
Being born on the wrong side of royalty to a prince makes her life difficult, her inability to play the prim miss makes it even more so.
After several disastrous social events, including punching an Earl, Charles takes Gillian away to get her out of the social firing line whilst the gossip dies down--right into the mystery and intrigue of smugglers! Of course Gillian becomes involved and by default, Charles.
Gillian leads Charles a merry dance and 'Perfect Pevensley and his formidable heart are knocked askew. This startling free spirit shatters his organized life and breaks down  his barriers, but is that enough?
A throughly pleasurable read with a sensational female lead! 

A NetGalley ARC


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