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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wonderful and warm!

Reissue of 'By Our Beginnings'

Ned Howarth's letter to the beautiful Miss Dorcas Wilde is wonderful. Heartfelt and hesitant it reveals his heart. After all a man can dream and a 'cat can look at a queen'. This rare look into the rural life of a farming family in the high hills of Lancashire County in the late 1700's, over thirty years, is a treat. Dorcas and her adjustment to the life and the adjustment of others to her shows Dorcas' tenacity in this life changing journey she undertakes. The inhabitants of Kits Hill are hesitant about her and no-one more so than the housekeeper, Betty Ackroyd, who until now has held a position of power.
And this is just the beginning!  The first in a quartet originally published in 1980. The passing of time has not diminished the appeal of this enjoyable story of the Howarth generations at the farm on Garth Fells.

A NetGalley ARC


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