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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Daring, dashing and devious! A wonderful female hero!

Mari Lamarre's aeronautic jump from her hot air ballon falls somewhat short of her target, although others might say she was spot on! She lands on top of the drunk Lord Cosmos Dunsmore, son to the Marquess of Aldridge, in a somewhat compromising position. Off to a hilarious start this novel of spies, traitors, deceit and love has it all.

Half French Mari Lamarre is a spy tasked with searching for compromising materials known to be in the hands of the Marqess. The practice of her craft is the lure, the cover to getting herself inside the walls of the home of the Marquess. What she doesn't count on is Cosmos his rake and debauched son, her liking of the Marquess of Aldridge and deeper family tragedies concealing secrets that will both complicate and shed light on the whole taught situation. Lives are depending on her success, and as it turns out, lives that are closer to the Aldridge's than conceived. 
An unusual plot that carries the story well.
I loved Mari's enthusiasm for her parachute jumping and the introduction to a topic I know little about--parachutes! (in the Regency era! Great hook!)

Premier descent en parachute, 1797 - Gouache and watercolor. Photo Credit: Painting by Etienne Chevalier de Lorimier
from History of the Parachute by Mary Bellis

A NetGalley ARC


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