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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sunshine and mystery

Where Lemons Bloom  by Blair McDowell. 

The more I moved into this story the more Involved I became. At first I went, really? A short time later I was exclaiming...Really!!! Wow! Waste no time! All right extenuating circumstances--maybe?
Eve is a strong and determined woman who finds herself through love with a handsome stranger, sunshine and a picture postcard habitat on the Italian Amalfi coast.
I swear I felt the sun's rays kiss my face and the sea view calm my soul as I sipped coffee with Adamo and Eve's on their pensione balcony
The meeting of Eve Adomo de Leone is dramatic. They part, never to meet again, but fate throws a curve ball and they find themselves on the same boat bound for Italy.
Instead of going their own ways Eve accompanies Adamo to the Almafi coast and to the beginnings of a new life--dogged by the mystery of eighty million missing dollars Adamo has supposedly embezzled, and now attempted murder.
As the story spun out I found myself glued to the pages awaiting the outcome. There are some very interesting secondary characters whose lives intersect Adamo and Eve's seamlessly, bringing further interest to the plot.

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