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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

regency mystery in exotic places

Captain Jack Dryden and his wife Lady Daphne Dryden are off on a dangerous mission for the Prince Regent. The place Cairo, the goal,  investigating the fate of a missing antiques dealer--friend to the Prince and the artifact that was being sought on behalf of the Prince. 
Jack would like to keep his wife safely at home. Daphne is already picturing the romance and manifest mysteries of the alluring Egypt. The Prince Regent includes soldiers to protect the party and one Stanton Maxwell, a foremost Egyptology scholar. Daphne is persuaded to bring her younger sister Rosemary, an Egyptian enthusiast.
I enjoyed the atmosphere of the hot sands of Egypt encasing the reader as events race alongside opposing reports by British inhabitants, murder, kidnapping and romance.
One can picture the bustling humanity of the bazaars and the dark threat of alleyways.
I enjoyed Jack and Daphne as a couple, their interplay and modes of address and Jack's way of covering up Daphne's social gaffes due to her innocence. Rosemary comes into her own, rather slowly one must admit. Maxwell Stanton is a wonderful character--shy yet protective, brave yet unassuming, learned yet modest. A complete contrast to the air headed, handsome Captain Cooper of His Majesty's Dragoons that Rosemary is languishing over. A plethora of fast moving action and atmosphere with light touches of romance.
I do need to read the preceding novels in the series.

A NetGalley ARC


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