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Monday, November 9, 2015

A startling and rich read!

Lady of Intrigue Kindle by Sabrina Darby

There are moments when the simplest of actions can be life changing crossroads. For Lady Jane Langley, on her way to the Vienna of 1814, to join her father, it was just an exchange of places into a another carriage. Who knew that this action would see her involved in an accident, be badly injured, witness a murder, and then...most startling  who  finds herself alone in a mountain cabin being cared for by the assassin. The visceral attraction between Lady Jane and her captor is astounding, best displayed in the holding back, the teetering on the edge of an undeniable passion, not the giving in, clearly described by each in their own reflective moments.
Gerard Badeau, illegitimate grandson to Lord Lansdowne, spy and assassin is struck by the singular intelligence and determination of Jane. He captures the wonder he sees in Jane in this one restrained comment, 'Jane--such a name for this woman'.
As time progresses we delve further into the mind of the Gerard, we are privy to his secrets, his methods, his beginnings, and some of his secrets. 
Finally returning to society (as Jane eventually must) Jane becomes a target for those endangered by her appearance. There are deep games afoot in Vienna and Jane finds herself in the midst of them.  Jane's father is a member of the British Delegation to the Congress at Vienna. Jane acts as his factual. Her standing in society certainly doesn't guarantee her safety--only Gerard can do that. But how can he protect them from each other?
I was overwhelmed by the emotional side of these two. Darby's writing explores the psychology of both the lead characters, their situations and the tensions strewn along their path to redemption. An unusual plot, evolving with a finesse and fascination that draws you in to the last word.

A NetGalley ARC


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