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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

...the blue stocking's scandal!

The Unlikely Lady (Playful Brides #3) by Valerie Bowman 

Of course Jane Lowndes's story was going to be a delight, filled as it is with oddly wry humour and delicious moments. I have loved Jane for ages. Right from the 'get go' Jane, and Lucy's cousin Garrett Upton, have traded insults and outrageous comments. Jane is a wonderful character. Lucy Hunt is still making up stories and creating situations but her energies have faded somewhat, well lie in wait, in this episode. Jane has no trouble taking centre stage and creating her own havoc--ok, with a little help from the irrepressible Lucy orchestrating some surprises in the background, not to mention Cassandra. Upton and Jane continue to exchange barbed, and not so barbed, repartee when they meet at the house party given by Lucy prior to Cassandra's wedding. But when events take a different turn Upton is startled to find this challenging 'blue stocking' is so much more than he thought. Indeed, Jane's spectacles or the lack of them, opens up new vistas to both he and Jane. She is completely thrown by Garrett and her own unlooked for responses to him. Add into the mix Garrett's dead friend's widow, Mrs Langford, with her particular agenda and all the ingredients are present for a fast paced, amusing, regency romp. 

 A NetGalley ARC

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