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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

safe havens!

The Rogue's Folly (Classic Regency Romances Book 10) by Donna Lea Simpson 

Ah! The prim Lady May von Hoffen may be aghast at her widowed mother's scandalous behaviour over the years, particularly when she becomes the focus of various nefarious plots, but when she finds a handsome injured Frenchman at her very doorstep then perhaps the wheel is turning.
Lady May is hiding out, dressed in greys with 'her hair constricted and tortured into a tight bun.' Having been kidnapped by her mother's lover, the despicable Captain Dempster, she was rescued by the handsome frenchman Etienne Roulant Delafont, himself rumoured to be a rogue and worse. Her thoughts often turn to that rescue as she assures herself that she 'loves him like a brother.' Now May is hiding away from society and society at Lark House in Kent.
What she doesn't expect is the gallant Etienne to turn up injured  on her doorstep, well at the folly really, with his magnificent black stallion Theron, disturbing her peace of place and mind.
I really enjoyed this story. Witty and amusing with a healthy dose of intrigue, heart beating and sighing.

A NetGalley ARC

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