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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


A Sinful Deception: A Breconridge Brothers Novel (The Breconridge Brothers #2) by Isabella Bradford

Miss Serena Carew has secrets. An heiress, with a exotic background, having been born in India. Even when we first meet her she is an enigma, aloof and gorgeous. Life swirls around her but seemingly doesn't touch her. Lord Geoffrey Fitzroy, the second son of the Duke of Breconridge sees an intriguing challenge. And that air of mystery pulls them both towards each other. A magnetic force or something stronger? Kismet?
At times, Serena and Geoffrey's conversation appears somewhat stilted and contrived. It doesn't flow. Possibly Serena having something to hide is reflected in her speech. After all constant worry overlays her life.
There is a touch of Romeo and Juliet, in that Serena's grandfather doesn't approve of those upstart Breconridges, descended as they are from the iligitimate son of a king's mistress.
Certainly the ending had me on tender hooks. I really enjoyed the viewpoint of an outsider, a somewhat scandalous figure (only in what had befallen her), breaking into the closely guarded circles of the ton.

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