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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Intriguing, heartbreaking!

Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress (Matchmaker Trilogy #3) by Theresa Romain

Heiress Augusta Meredith has taken to Bath with her friend Emily, the Countess of Tallant. Emily is distressed by her miscarriage late in her pregnancy and is seeking solace. Augusta is escaping the confines of the doting trustees she feels hedged in by. Determining a new path Augusta masquerades as Mrs Flowers, the carefree widow. Augusta has in her mind to take a discreet lover.  The handsome Josiah Everett recognizes her charade and the die is cast.
Waiting for Augusta to realize she is worthwhile and for Joss to realize he is worth so much more are quite painful moments, all part of this engrossing story.
When Joss tells Augusta that she is worthy, that is a precious moment! It is a reality that cuts both ways. Lord Sutcliffe, Joss's cousin and employer is a buffoon, a thoughtless creature who operates in selfish vacuum of indulgence and self gratification. Joss seems trapped in the cycle of rescue and victimization that the Baron manages to perpetually be in.
Augusta is fleeing from the tragedy of her parents death and the loss of her dreams.
Underlying this, expressed at one point by Joss, is the expectations and dictates of society, of the ton, according to birth and position.
The dance between Augusta (Mrs Flowers) and Joss is wonderfully orchestrated.
A complicated situation is elegantly presented and resolved with complete satisfaction.

A NetGalley ARC

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