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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A delicious read!

The Kidnapped Bride (Redcakes #4) by Heather Hiestand 

A Victorian romance with a difference! Scotsman Dougal Alexander, younger son to the Baron  of Alix, spends his time as a private detective, occasionally assisting the police with their enquiries. 'He was not interested in the church, law or soldiering ... He was good at solving problems and finding things.' Dougal puts me in mind of another investigator of these times I love, Barnaby Adair from Stephanie Lauren's Cynster series.
Dougal has been hired by Lord Judah Shield to find his sister the Lady Elizabeth Shield. She  disappeared without a trace over a year ago. Dougal has tracked Lady Elizabeth to the stews of Edinburg and the flat of one Manfred Cross, a jewel thief. The problem is that Cross has been apprehended and is now in Newgate. There is no sign of Lady Elizabeth, or was there? The Marquiss of Hatbrook, Elizabeth's older brother reminds Dougal of someone he's recently met. It's the blue eyes that are familiar. So it's back to Edinburgh and a renewed effort.
An exceedingly determined young woman, white slave trading and love found! All are intertwined into a diverting story.
Only seven chapters but a delightful read!

A NetGalley ARC

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