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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another richly woven gem!

Cast in Flame (The Chronicles of Elantra #10) by Michelle Sagara

Sharing accommodation with a dragon, especially one who is continually being guarded does have its drawbacks, but then so does living in the palace. Arguments for one thing have a way of deafening those unused to them.
Since her return from the West March Kaylin has much to put up with, including the lost Barrani, out of time and understanding of how and what the 'now' is.
This new episode in Kaylin's life certainly lives up to the expectations I have come to enjoy from the collection that is the Elanatra Chronicles.
I love the wealth of meaning in words and names. I am fascinated as always as Sargara continues her underlying treatise on the power of naming, the misunderstanding across cultures about such things, and the intuitive understanding that Kaylin constantly exhibits.
Another underlying theme is displaced persons (here, through time) and how they do or do not, or try to fit into a culture and time not their own
This is not for the first time reader of the series. Understanding is definitely captive to what has gone before.
As always though I am bound up with Kaylin and her acceptance of those she adopts into her idea of family.
Kaylin's search for the idea of home for herself and Bell is what sparks some of the action, and this idea of home is interestingly explored.
But the story goes way beyond this. The towers are disturbed by the lost Barrani intruders, and the Ancestor is alerted. Things become grim.
And let's not forget Kaylin's familiar--the tiny dragon!
The ending is that wonderful wry mix of Kaylin at her human best as she continues to act in those ways we all applaud.

A NetGalley ARC

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