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Saturday, March 22, 2014


The Weaver Takes a Wife (Weaver #1) by Sheri Cobb South  

What can you do when cupid's arrow strikes and leaves you dazzled by a veritable princess (well in this case a daughter of a Duke)...and you a self made man of 'Trade', a 'cit?'
Well if your determined like Mr Ethan Bundy you forge ahead despite all. After all a cat can look at a Queen. 
The love story of Lady Helen Radney and Ethan is absolutely delightful, leavened throughout with a wry humour.
'elen' as Bundy calls his wife Helen is a wilful shrew who finds her way to love.
Ethan Bundy, a man of strong inner character and wonderful gentleness, is the mill owner who dares to love above his station. A man without subterfuge, honest and worthy. A man whose strengths slowly dawn on his wife. A man who as Helen says, 'took Almack's by storm.'
In this case of pursuing true love it's fortunate that the lady in question's father, the Duke of Reddington, is an inveterate gambler and just shy of being hauled up River Tick, as they say. And that Ethan is just the man to assist the Duke with his monetary embarrassment .
Of course there's the blaggard Lord Waverley who tries to twist the situation between Helen and Ethan to his own advantage, not to mention the charming scrape grace of a brother whose antics heighten the situation and lead Helen down a path she's reluctant to go.
As a story of love pursued, love rejected and love found, this rendition is thoroughly enjoyable and ageless. A celebratory 15 year anniversary reprint with a lively forward by Mary Balogh it is indeed a treat. I for one am grateful that this republication has brought the book to the fore for a fresh batch of readers like myself to enjoy. I smiled the whole reading through!

A NetGalley ARC

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