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Friday, December 20, 2013

'Prayer is telephoning to God and intuition is God telephoning you.'

The Magic Path of Intuition by Florence Scovel Shinn

I liked that opening chapter subheading. I'm still thinking about it.
Intuition! So many of us ignore it, or feel guilty about it.
Often our first response to a situation is intuitive, but how do we put that in words?
So many 'if only' moments. This book is a chance to change that, a fascinating hitherto unpublished work by Shinn who died in 1940.
Imagination and visualization, all form part of the journey.
The affirmations in this quite beautiful production are a helpful guide to this growing process.
The vivid colours, the photography, the welcoming words, the encompassing swirly lines underlining each heading on pages, all contrive to draw us into the text.
I must admit the colours and production radiate a retro seventies 'get in touch with your inner self' feel about them. That's great because this is what the book is about, enhancing and recognizing your intuition as a powerful healing tool, tapping into the wisdom of the universe.
I have been reading a pdf version of the hardcover on my notebook.
The hardcover edition would be a nice personal acquisition, or a lovely present. 
Full of verve and momentum, certainly a book to ponder on.

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