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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Ah! Mac 'n Cheese! The very words conjure up for North Americans of all ages security and warm memories. The comfort food of generations, Mac n' Cheese is a symbol of our childhood, our college years, our camping trips, endless summers and cosy  winter evenings. It can be a mother's quick answer to the hungry hoards, a singleton's food grab en route to other occasions. It's food that we treasure. Be it a celebration or a pick-me-up, mac 'n cheese sustains us on all occasions. 
As Erin and Alison, restaurant owners and authors of this gem of a cookbook say in the forward, 'people of all ages and backgrounds have deep connections to our food.'
This is a treasure of a cookbook with amazing recipes, tried and true from the Homeroom Restaurant in Oakland, California. The subtitle may read 50 Simple Recipes, however these 'simple' offerings cover an amazing array of variations on the theme.  
Right from the forward I was interested (well actually from the title I was a fan) and then from the basic cheese sauce recipe, the types of cheeses to use, to the add-in ingredients, I was hooked. From Jalapeño Popper Mac to Smoky Bacon to International variations on the theme these recipes are all winners to savour and enjoy.
The recipe are clearly set out and easily followed, each suggesting the type of cheese to be used. This is serious business, the cheese selection that is best for the recipe. No just using Monterey Jack! Cheese type is pivotal!
The 'pièce de résistance' is the suggested wine and beer pairings.These add gravitas to an already superlative offering.
A cookbook well worth adding to your shelf. I'm ecstatic that its been added to mine!

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