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Monday, March 4, 2013

…’the dream was carried in the mouth of a great jungle cat.’

The Golden Leopard by Lynn Kerstan

A tale of theft, assassins, romance and skullduggery; a sweeping narrative that takes us from India to England, and then from the London to the English moors.
The story opens with Lord Hugo Duran being tortured in Alanabad, a small state in India.
A statue, The Star of Firmament, The Heart of Alanabad has been stolen by an Englishman.
Duran is English and a suspect. He manages to escape death, but at a price.
A deadly, locked bracelet is placed on Duran’s wrist. If he doesn’t succeed in finding and returning the sacred object within a year, he will die.
Duran and Lady Jessica Arville, a private antiques dealer, search for the Golden Leopard.
Escorted by assassins they race against time to find the leopard, a potent symbol of people of Alanabad’s beliefs. Cultures, politics and greed clash.
Duran and Jessie have a history, a history that inexplicably reopens, drawn as they are to each other against their cooler selves.
Can they find the leopard?
Will the assassins kill Duran?
Can Duran's wrist be released from the fatal bracelet and its poison?
Will Jessica be able to solve the mystery and tame her own heart?
An intriguing read set at the time Regency England.
A NetGalley ARC

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