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Monday, March 11, 2013

Je t'aime Aimée!!

That Aimée! I love everything about her. She lives in an antiquated Parisian apartment and has a perchance for vintage fashion labels. I adore her fashion descriptions. Like her vintage black Chanel jacket, a signature affectation. If I can't have Paris at the very least I would like Aimée’s vintage clothing. She chooses the wrong men, the right friends, and her wardrobe is always one that I'm envious of. Her love affairs fail, her personal life is a mess, she fights with and uses the police, she is determined and shrewd, a loyal friend and a great character.
When Saj and Aimée run down a mysterious man, Aimée has fears of Serb or Russian gangs being involved. Was the unknown Serb’s death really a result of the accident or something more sinister? On the trail of a undiscovered painting of Lenin by Modigliani, bodies once more litter her investigative path. Meanwhile Renee has departed for Silicon Valley and glory where ambition and greed collide. Now Aimée is enmeshed in a dangerous case with only Saj to help.
Aimée Leduc has brilliant and creative investigative strengths, but at heart is a lonely waif continually turning towards the whispered mystery of the mother who abandoned her. Aimée’s mother is a ghost on her psyche's horizon...
Aimée chases dangerous shadows and thugs around the dark places of Paris in high heeled boots, along cobblestoned alleyways, through dubious ivy trailing courtyards and climbs over broken down walls or zips around narrow Parisian streets n her trusty Vesper. Other times she might rely on her taxi karma to escape a tricky situation.
Aimée Leduc is a woman of dark secrets, capable of a honed single mindedness, and a survivor of tragic circumstances.
Her internal dialogue is always wonderful—wry, dramatic and revealing.
The Aimée Leduc Companion [Kindle Edition] (also published by Soho) is a great background to the previous novels. I love the maps in it and drag out my Paris maps for greater comparison being a bit of a map junkie. It was free at the time. It may still be.
I adore Cara Black’s Leduc novels and welcome this latest window into the life of Aimée

A Netgalley ARC

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