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Friday, November 16, 2012

A woman of all Ages for all ages

Set against the biblical background of the Battle of Jericho, Rahab the Canaanite’s story is written with grace, understanding and compassion. Rahab walks strongly across the pages of the book, and in doing so deepened my understanding of the biblical story. To take a well known tale as old as time, and to give a new and compelling vision to it is indeed a gift and Tessa Afshar is without doubt a gifted writer.
Rahab as a young girl is sold into prostitution by her beloved father, yet rather than being annihilated by such a betrayal she demonstrates a vitality of spirit, an awesome strength and intrinsically honorable heart. Rahab hears the voice of God and responds.
The tale of Rahab’s trials, her challenges and very human responses are given a new impetus in this retelling and places her squarely in the forefront of great women of the Bible. This is no woman of the past, of insubstantial being, but rather the story of one who represents the many faces of women throughout time, including today. Her story speaks for ordinary women who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Her response is that of heartbreaking courage.  Rahab is a woman of all ages for all ages. Afshar has given us a very accessible person in her portrayal of Rahab—a portrayal that has the ability to reach out, draw us in and touch us profoundly. An unforgettable story, superbly written, and well worth more than one read.  A great seasonal gift! Pass it forward.  

A NetGalley ARC

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