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Thursday, December 1, 2011

...walking the Dream, waking In-Deed

Prior to reading Dreaming of the Wolf (thanks to Netgalley), I decided to start from the beginning of Terry Spear’s Heart of the Wolf series by reading her Wolf Bundle (v.1-3). I am glad I did.
Now, having read my way through v.1-7, I have a richer understanding of the relationships between the various lead characters in the series and an entrée into wolf behavior as it translates into werewolf behavior.
Each story throws into focus the arresting and often startling journey of discovery—both romantic and mysterious between the lead male and female lupus garou (werewolf). No you don’t have to start with the first volume. I am glad I did. It deepened my enjoyment of the series as I rode the warp and woof of the Heart of the Wolf tapestry.
What can I say? Steamy and sizzling? Definitely!  Filled with personalities who grab your attention? Most definitely?  A series I am now hooked on and will continue to read? Truly and definitely, yes!
Journeying through the various stories, the strength of the series develops and adds a confidence to the panoramic offerings of Terry Spear's inventive writings.
Dreaming of the Wolf, the 8th in the series follows the feisty yet piquant relationship that develops between Jake Silver and Alicia Greiston–leading in with the rescue of Alicia by Jake, tantalized by the palpable overwhelming force of attraction between the two. Add in a dash of mystery and intrigue all liberally peppered with mob trouble and this becomes a tour de force to add to your collection of paranormal romance of the werewolf variety and of this series in particular.

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