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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Healing and heartache!

Hers to Heal (Black Eagle Ops #2) by Vonnie Davis

Another winner in the Eagle Ops series. This time it's Reece Browning who is fighting PTSD and the use of an artificial limb. His physical therapist and ex-Marine Gina Wilson, is part of the equation along with her daughter Piper. Piper is a gem. Tricky and loveable. Reece and Gina's story is tender, confrontative  and fiery. 
Along the way a couple of others from ZQ's team come to Warrior Falls.
Davis seems to combine a touch of Zane Grey with the raunchy reality that surrounds the men in this series.
I like the human face of these characters, their interplay and support for each other.
Gina has her own particular set of 'demons' to exorcise.
I really appreciated Davis' support and understanding for women in service and the particular issues they face.  This story only touches on what I am sure are deep emotional scars for some of these women. The  dedication at the back of the book makes clear how personal the challenges facing returned personnel are to Davis.
Sure, this is a HEA type novel that includes deep and heartfelt issues. I love that a character like 'Silver' is included in the group--a Vietnam Vet who has had to face similar issues to those of the Eagle ops group. This gives a wry sense of continuity as the past bleeds into the today.

A NetGalley ARC


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