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Monday, January 12, 2015

...not your everyday run-of-the-mill betrayal

Deciding that he is no longer valid husband material, Lord Tristan Tunstall did not inform his wife Lady Marion Tunstall that he was actually alive.   
And when Marion faints dead away upon sighting him at a local dance Tristan realizes that he has been tricked by his companion into residing at a place near to where his wife lives and thus he is exposed. You see, due the injuries received during a sea battle, Tristan had decided to be dead to his past life, including his beloved wife. Really not the cleverest move for a variety of reasons as his solicitor points out. Now however Tristan is caught out. He 's back from the dead. High heroics had Tristan determining that he would never become a burden to the woman he loves and who loves him back so intensely. Of course the next move is clear. Tristan resolves to seek a divorce. So the wretched man keeps punishing himself and his loving wife.
I liked Marion's loyalty. I didn't like Tristan's self righteous pride that he uses to cover his fear. There's a mountain of suffering for all concerned unhappily engineered by Tristan himself for all the wrong reasons that he has so dogmatically decided are right.
I loved Tristan's batman turned valet Ellis who has a wonderful sense of irony and whose backchat and scathing comments are a highlight. Indeed the repartee between them is quite amusing.
I just wasn't happy with Tristan. I know, I know he is faced with a mountain of fears and inadequacies, things to re-learn and major issues to overcome but I definitely found myself out of sorts with him. The best part came towards the end when he adopted a dog.

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