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Sunday, December 4, 2011

..... all's well that ends well!

For an easy read in between the hustle and bustle, the hurdy gurdy of the Christmas Season, this collection of four Regency novellas which comprise A Regency Holiday is timely.

Sure, sometimes the resolution of a story came so quickly that I thought surely I’ve missed something … but these are short stories, so, no time to dawdle or extend the plot. Mind you I’m not sure that I really ever liked Deverel Brookfield (I had just finished watching Samuel Richardson’s Clarrisa) but ‘tis Christmas time and even the devil is apparently redeemable. And after all these stories are Regency Romances!
In short, a graceful introduction to authors that I didn’t know and a quick read during the holiday season when I’m looking for something light and fluffy other than a meringue parfait, particularly post Christmas turkey.

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