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Sunday, May 20, 2018


Someone to Care (The Westcotts #4)     by Mary Balogh


Screaming from loneliness the Countess of Riverdale, Viola Kingsley runs, well really by happenstance falls into the arms of a former 'never happened adventure' in the person of the well practiced rake, the Marquess of Dorchester, Marcel Lamarr , in this funny/serious autumn romance. An invigorating plot where two souls who decide on a spur of the moment romantic adventure embark on more than they bargained for.
At last the story of the wife who found herself trapped in a bigamous relationship and lost all. The emotional toll and how she's not managing behind that oh so proper facade rings so true.
And then there's the family who see her, but don't really see her--their shock and horror about her disappearance and the disapproval of who she disappears with.
I really just wanted them to leave Viola alone to work out her own destiny. And that's why she ran, because she was alone despite having all these people who cared about her.
As for her and Marcel ... Well!

A NetGalley ARC


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