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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The rake's rehabilitation!

The Duke Who Ravished Me (Rebellious Brides #4)   
by Diana Quincy    


At the heart of this story are the laws in the 1800's to do with guardianship and the care of children. But that's just the segue into this regency romp that had me laughing ... and gasping!
Adam Fairfax, the Duke of Sunderford (Sinful Sunny to readers of the gossip sheets) is an outrageous, although oft times endearing, rake who has thrown his energies into the most dissipating activities one could imagine. All that comes to a rather screeching halt the night he is made aware of his guardianship of two seven year old girls, and by way of inclusion, their rather formidable governess right in the middle of a very risqué event at his home. The efforts of his butler to inform Sunny of his suddenly changed status from a 'Duke with no ties' to a 'guardian' is vastly amusing.
Of course the governess, Isobel Finch, is a prune of a woman, disapproving and constrained ... or is she?
As Sunny comes to know 'Finch' his misconceptions are dealt a blow, as is his heart. 
Our hearts are struck a blow as we see how Sunny embarked upon the path he fully embraced.
This pilgrim's progress, of renowned libertine to man of heart and conscience, is rather delicious and I really enjoyed it.

A NetGalley ARC


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