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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fun 14th Century highland romp with a difference

My Lady Captor    by Hannah Howell

A strong female lead, Lady Sorcha Hay is placed in a difficult position when her brother Dougal, the clan Laird, he of little sense, is captured by the English. You see the English will demand a ransom. The problem is that Sorcha's people are dirt poor.
This is a clan whose women are somewhat different in that they see spirits. As they come into womanhood this gift or curse (depending on your viewpoint) comes into fruition. Hence the lonely, isolated place that the clan occupies.
Sorcha must come up with a plan to save her captured brother. Her solution pits her against another more powerful laird, 
Sir Ruari Kerr, laird of Gartmhor. Unfortunately Sorcha's unique answer to the problem brings about further challenges, not the least being Ruari Kerr himself.
There are some rather singular secondary characters and a couple of ghosts who round out a well written and captivating story, in the vein one has come to expect from Howell.

A NetGalley ARC


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