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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Dark secrets under hot, breathless skies!

Aphrodite's Tears    by Hannah Fielding

How much more can happen in one novel. Lost opportunities and lost dreams are bundled into this lengthy novel that leaves one exhausted.
Although I must admit the detail in the food descriptions are mouthwatering and left me scrabbling through my Greek Cookery books (Yes! I read novels on my kindle, but cookery and art books are definitely a hardcopy essential).
The archeological descriptions are crazy wonderful and inspire me to visit the Greek Islands.
The mythological stories inculcate the secrets of the past, sometimes romantic, at other times tragic, all underlined by the cruelty of the gods.
Mystery abounds about the major players.
There's torturous romance, torrid at times, twisted at others, sensitive and self absorbed.
All the key aspects for an exciting novel are there, and yes I kept on until the end. I felt the sunlight and the dark corners... and yet I felt I was watching a movie length production of The Bold and the Beautiful.
If you want a saga this is it!

A NetGalley ARC


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