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Sunday, December 3, 2017



A psychological thriller that deals with pedophilia, unresolved sexuality acceptance and relational difficulties in three voices. These three voices  lead the story, interacting to form the whole. This modus operandi employed by Bonner lends a fascinating pull slowly drawing the reader further into the unfolding action. 
The brutal murder of fourteen year old Madeline has Detective David Vogel methodically parsing every action of those close to her, every nuance is noted as he digs further into Madeline's life and the lives of those within her orbit. 
I found this an uncomfortable read due to the subject matter and yet quite brilliant its execution. Bonner has a way with words that captivates you and places you right in the here and now, whether you want to be or not. It's hard to detach from the visual images she evokes.
Really this is a 5 star writing performance from Bonner, but from my personal liking of the subject matter, 1 star.

A NetGalley ARC


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