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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A past Christmas tragedy wakes.

A Christmas Return (Christmas Stories #15)  
by Anne Perry.  


Never disappointing, Perry pens a mystery novella that keeps you wondering. An unusual Christmas present, the wretched reminder of a tragic past and a cry for help, catapults Mariah Ellison, (Charlotte Pitt's grandmother), into a situation that has her drawing on all the fortitude she can muster. Mariah Ellison finds herself facing her own dark past memories as she comes to the aid of a friend.
A dark wound of twenty years ago is reopened and Mariah is called to aid a friend in need.
Twenty years ago Mariah's friend, Cullen Wesley died under strange circumstances just after he'd withdrawn as the attorney for a man accused of the rape and murder of a child.
Subsequently, his ex client Owen Durward was acquitted.  is back in 
Now Durward has returned to the village of 'Haslemere, bent on clearing his reputation.' He has taken aim at Cullen's wife Rowena, spreading rumours that perhaps she killed her husband.
As the poison spreads Rowena is being shunned by the villagers.
Her grandson Peter Wesley calls on Mariah to help clear Rowensa name.
Mariah is prepared for battle, but where to start? Can they find out the truth of twenty years ago?
A tightly woven mystery that raises all sorts of questions.

A NetGalley ARC


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