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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Beware of things unseen!

Booke of the Hidden (Booke of the Hidden #1)   by Jeri Westerson


This was so not what I expected. It was a crazy, wild ride and such a departure for Westerson.
(And to think she dreamt about the major elements of the story--amazing--ah the subconscious!)
A new entry into the urban paranormal genre complete with a mild mannered Wiccan group, a woman escaping a bad relationship who flees from California to Maine. Was she summoned or was it all just coincidence? Right!
What do you do when you break down a brick wall in your new abode and find a musty old book. You open it and summon ... things that go beyond the wildest imagination for Kylie Strange.
I loved the magical cross bow.
I loved the demon (not quite the daemon lover of Scottish fame) or whatever Mr. Erasmus Dark might be. The quips Kylie directs at him are hilarious.
I'm not sure about Sheriff Bradbury.
I loved the Wicca coven including the teenager who is a cross between Wynona Rider and Julia Stiles.
Suddenly, for the coven and Kylie, fighting demons, incubus and such us becomes the norm.
Then there's the coven dedicated to dark, and a different demon.
And let's not forget the sector of town who once upon a time, in the past, would have happily burnt all of the above at the stake, of which one member has hereditary links to Kylie.
A great start to a new series.

A NetGalley ARC


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